Stichting voor Urbane Projecten
in Ontwikkelingslanden (SUPO)
Founded in 1977
CoC nr 41145098


Current projects

SUPO supports the development of small parcs in Ouagadougou. In these parcs (ECOPARCs) Jatropha and fruit trees are planted to "green" the neighboorhood. Furthermore, the parcs could serve as educational area for instance for solar cooking training. Educational and promotional activities are mainly focussed on management and improvement of the urban environment.

Closed projects

In the last years, SUPO's activities were mainly focussed on Burkina Faso (West-Africa). Our activities included education for children in the local language and the application of solar energy in the households of Ouagadougou and surroundings. In this respect, SUPO carried out two programs: Programme Centres d'Habitat (PCH) and Programme Energie Solaire Grand-Ouaga (PESGO).