Stichting voor Urbane Projecten
in Ontwikkelingslanden (SUPO)
Founded in 1977
CoC nr 41145098


Burkina Faso

DLM (Duddal Leydi Men)

SUPO is collaborating with the local organisation DLM (Duddal Leydi Men). Key activities of DLM are aimed at women's literacy (in local languages). Chair is mrs Rasmata Ba-Barry, with whom SUPO worked for several years. Within the solar cooking project (PESGO) mrs Ba-Barry had a large contribution by integrating the solar cooking course with the teaching of reading and writing. She is a co-coordinator of PESGO.

AEDS (l’Association Ecologiste pour le Développement Social)

SUPO is working together with the local group AEDS (Association Ecologiste pour le Développement Social). The common aim is to achieve sustainable energy use in Burkina Faso, in particular the application of solar energy in the households of Ougagadougou and developing possibilities to convert Jathropha-oil into biofuel. The chair of AEDS is mr Joseph Bazie. Mr Bazie is a co-coordinator of PESGO.



In the solar cooking project (PESGO), SUPO collaborates with KoZon. KoZon is a Dutch non-profit organisation, focussing on diminishing the use of firewood in arid and semi-arid regions of the world, by making use of solar energy for cooking. KoZon has projects in Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Chad, and has a assisting role in projects of third parties (Senegal and Sudan).

Website KoZon: www.kozon.org

Stichting Solar Cooking Nederland

Foundation Solar Cooking Nederland carries out solar cooking projects in Uganda, Ethiopië, Somalië en Eritrea.

Website Stichting Solar Cooking Nederland: www.solarcooking.nl

Burkina Faso-platform

SUPO is a partner in the Burkina Faso-platform. This platform brings together Dutch organizations which are involved in development and aid projects in Burkina Faso.

Website Burkina Faso-platform: www.burkinafasoplatform.nl