Stichting voor Urbane Projecten
in Ontwikkelingslanden (SUPO)
Founded in 1977
CoC nr 41145098


SUPO is the abbreviation for Foundation for Urban Projects in Developing Countries (In Dutch: Stichting voor Urbane Projecten in Ontwikkelingslanden). Founded in 1977, Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden nr 41145098.

Objective and strategy

The objective of SUPO is to contribute to the improvement of the livelihoods of the less fortunate urban groups in developing countries, especially Africa.

SUPO aims at embedding actions and initiatives in existing, local organisations and structures. From 1977 onwards, several projects have been carried out. On a small scale, SUPO tries to put innovative ideas into practice. SUPO's projects are aimed at sustainble management, conservation and improvement of the urban environment and at creating opportunities by means of (professional) education in local languages.


Raf Grubben, chair
J├╝rgen Klaassen
Cathrine Taxt Bassant
Hilde Toonen, secretary and treasurer


Coen Beeker, Leo van den Berg, Peter Slits, Ingrid Duchhart

Advisor in Burkina Faso

Maurice Bonkoungou